Reem Finance provides you the option to finance your account receivables to improve your cash flows by giving access to immediate cash to meet short term liquidity needs.

If qualified, access up to 90 per cent of invoice values as soon as they are issued, with the flexibility to access the entire amount available or draw down only what you need.

RF Financing programs can support both payables & receivables & key accounts.

Types of Factoring offered by Reem Finance:

  • Domestic Factoring: Reem Finance facilitates purchase, funding, management and collection of short-term accounts receivable arising from supply of goods and services to domestic buyers only. Goods are delivered on open account credit terms up to pre-agreed days.
  • Reverse factoring: Reverse factoring is a type of supplier finance solution that companies can use to offer early payments to their suppliers based on approved invoices. Suppliers participating in a reverse factoring program can request early payment on invoices from Reem Finance, with the buyer sending payment to Reem Finance on the invoice maturity date.
  • Purchase order finance: Reem Finance facilitates Purchase order financing that businesses can use to cover the cost of manufacturing or purchasing goods that have been presold to customers via a purchase order.